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Sweetheart Symphony Truffle

Sweetheart Symphony Truffle

Rs. 700.00
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This cute lovely gift box oozes love and charm. Indulge in our Classic Truffles in decadent flavours and our traditional Marzipan Truffles . This gift box contains:
• 4 Classic truffles,flavours include almond, fruit n nut, mint surprise, heavenly milk, orange duet, mandarin surprise and strawberry melody and more.
• 4 cute heart shaped Marzipan truffles, is sure to be a hit with your loved ones. Our Marzipan is made from pure almonds and tastes amazing.
Net Wt: 80 gm.
 Pls note this is a courier product and will take 5-7 days from the delivery date selected.

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