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Love-Struck Chocolate

Love-Struck Chocolate

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When Cupid Strikes, love and romance is in the air. This love filled hamper is sure to make your Valentine swoon. There is a lot to discover and cherish .
Start with a cute gift box of 8 Truffles, the best of our Classic and Marzipan Truffles. Indulge in our cute heart shaped butter cookies, coated with chocolate. Bite into our cute heart Milk Chocolate bar. Drool over our milk chocolate heart shaped lollipops and milk chocolate little hearts in heavenly milk, mandarin surprise, mint surprise flavours. And let yourself be a child again and fight over our crunchy, buttery, chocolate coated butterscotch. Re use the hamper for accessories ,long after our romantic chocolates are a lingering memory.
Hamper contains:
• Gift box of 8 Classic and Marzipan Truffles, an assortment of almond, orange duet, strawberry melody, and our almond Marzipan, made using our traditional recipe, tastes amazing.
• 150 gm Chocolate coated butterscotch, in a cute tin .
• 60 gm Milk Chocolate bar in an exclusive heart design
• 30 gm Milk chocolate heart shaped lollipops and
• 120 gm Cute chocolates Butter cookies coated with chocolate
Net wt: 615 gm
 Pls note this is a courier product and will take 5-7 days from the delivery date selected.

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